Tuesday, October 27, 2015


A colleague told funnily that that "you've reached an important numerical landmark as far as your age is concerned". 30 years I think will strike any one hard and it did me too. But its too early to write an eulogy, Few important lessons I've learned all the way, is "Focus" & "Its not the end of the world". While I may have not followed them in true spirit, Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come. Lets see.

Friday, July 03, 2015

The fine city

After a long planning, the trip failed once. This time yet again we thought while the VISA was valid we should give it a shot. Unlike the first time the planning wasn't great. Archana fears that unless we set our feet outside in the foreign land the trip doesn't start.
Langkawi is a small,beautiful clean Island. It feels great to roam around in a new country on your own with a map in your hand. You actually feel like explorers. The place is pretty laid back & in general I felt the happiness quotient of the people pretty high. The good part of the trip if not the best was I ran a 5k!.
Singapore is epitome of a successful city. The city seemed to have purpose in its every bit. Although we keep hearing that our leaders will turn our cities into Singapore, I feel it is near impossible. For I've seen leaders who strive for change but not people. In Indian cities I feel it is hard to bring that kind of change, as it has to come from people. Although there are absurdly astronomical fines, it is great that people comply & not perpetrate corruption. Cleanliness aside, Singapore seemed to be an art. It is one thing to imagine something & other thing to approve to build something crazy and an entirely different thing to execute it.Singapore has excelled in all three things. Our temples are masterpieces but we should not stop at our glorified history but doing it NOW is what matters.
Kualalumpur is what we can dream to become if we strive to be singapore. I found the same chaos as what i've seen in our cities. But this was acheieved without imposing a frame on people's mind. It seemed to have evolved naturally.
I'm sure we are doing great in lot of aspects, but its always great to get inspired from others.
P.S Sad to see such exotic birds in cages

Monday, January 12, 2015

Losing weight can be enlightening

At the beginning of 2014 I told myself I wanted to be fit. Fit by movie standards can be having a six pack abs . But I set myself some meaningful number to achieve which was a BMI <25. Through half of the year, I was no where close to what I wanted to achieve, it disheartened me a little.
I took the challenge once again and set a date of Oct 19 which was the date I set because it was the date for which Archana and I were flying for Singapore for a week long vacation. A little silly desire was to look good in the photos.
I took a Nike+ running coach and practiced running regularly. Overall I finally achieved my target but the journey itself was very enlightening. The best thing I learnt was - average was easily achievable but to move the needle just by a bit from there was were the real effort was needed. I originally averaged over 8min/km  and to bring to 7min/km was quick. The culmination and the real joy came when I ran my 5k under 6mins/km.
Not to waste your effort on some something you will later regret was something that got implanted in me deeply after this.  It takes a great deal of motivation to wake up and run a 5k. But the joy post the run is incredible and the freshness stays with you throughout the day. Its the kind of feeling that makes your effort worthwhile which you don't want to waste on a cheesy pizza or a tasteless ice cream. I may have annoyed people by being choosy because it's the freshness which I want to relish but not something which I'd later regret.
Make time spent feel it is really worthy.
Remembering the Rudyard Kipling's poem
If you can fill the minute with sixty seconds worth the distance run
Yours is earth and everything in it.