Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sour fortune cookie

Every year during the harvest festival a fair is arranged in Hari's village. Hari sets up his stall during this time with a old and funny looking equipment . He got this equipment which looks like a robot with many LEDs from his father. He called it future yantra. The machine is capable of telling people's futures when they put on the headphones . Hari never believed the machine's capabilities but during this time of the year it fetches him a decent amount of money.

Every time he does set up the machine he remembers what his father had told him about the machine. "The moment you know your future you will ruin your present". Those words didn't make a lot of sense to Hari.

This year,with all fancy equipments Hari's old equipment didn't stand out and he was beginning to wonder if he would earn a single pie next year. While a small crowd was waiting for their turn in Hari's stall , suddenly a kid started complaining that the yantra was not working and the kid's  parents demanded the one rupee back which they put inside the machine . To make sure that the machine was working, Hari put his fathers words aside and put on the headphones for the first time in his life. The machine made some weird noises and told him, "Keymaker! You can be very rich!"

For once Hari remembered his childhood talent, he can make a duplicate of any key within 5 minutes . He thought of starting a new business that make duplicate keys . Hari's business was unique up to 10 villages in all directions. Hari used to charge his customers 10 percent of whatever the key guards. Although it was a heavenly price villagers didn't have any option but to trust Hari. As Hari kept getting richer a thought was seeded in his mind,"I need a key that cannot be copied to protect all my wealth". Hari never slept well again in his life

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