Monday, December 02, 2013

Girl and the glass house

People say "love is blind", isn't that a silly expression?.Love is a feeling it cannot be blind. But it is definitely capable of making people blind.

Keerthi is a beautiful girl who used to make people around her laugh. Now she is 47 years old and has wrinkles below her eyes. She is an accomplished woman working as a designer in a leading fashion jewelry firm. With a gleam in her eyes every day she visits the glass building without fail, dressing the best she can. Not many people know the reason behind the moist eyes which seem to have been waiting since eternity.

Keerthi had a huge fan following and silently she used to enjoy all the admiration she used to garner. But among her many admirers Ratan used to have a special place. Not because Ratan was handsome, he was good with words. The moment Ratan speaks ,Keerthi used to fall head over heels for him and listen intently gaping her mouth wide open.

Ratan's favorite spot in bangalore was the glass building. It is a  huge structure, There was nothing fabulous about the building but what Ratan liked the most was it had glass every where. Keerthi, like any other girl used to set her make-up right in front of every mirror in the building. Every time Ratan used to meet keerthi , without even thinking twice they used to decide on this spot. Ratan felt a devilish joy of teasing Keerthi every time she touches her bindi telling her, "You are looking just fine!". Keerthi used to brush him away saying "This is our birth right". Secretly both used to enjoy this little quibbling

On the last day of the college before Ratan and keerthi were leaving to their homes, Ratan casually remarked "I think you will miss my teasing" . Keerthi spontaneously replied funnily "I'm so glad you won't be around ,I can look into the mirrors all day long!". Some times fate can be really cruel that people say things without realizing that it could be the last thing they say to the other person.

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