Thursday, October 10, 2013

Laksha Mandinaina savalu chese aatagaadi pogarantha

As a kid, I used to just watch Sachin Tendulkar's batting, India wins or looses its secondary, I just enjoy Sachins' batting. On this day Sachin retires from test cricket. Yesterday I was reading a news article about a gymnast from Karnataka accidentally fractured his spine and is disabled for his life for the accident. His father was an auto driver. He was given 50,000 for the mishap and thats all. For a disabled body with a very meagre family income, Im not sure how many days can he live a dignified life. There is a line from a telugu song in Arya 2, which goes like this "Laksha Mandi naina savalu chese aata gaadi pogarantha". I feel sports persons are gifted , They deserve to live a proud life.
Every sports person is an idol to me.

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