Saturday, November 24, 2012


Today as I was walking with my friend telling him how bad my phase of life is going on, He suggested me to visit an astrologer & you can make sense of the happenings, Although I initially brushed it aside, it made me think...

Does our fate depend on celestial stuff?. If yes, then why don't i just sit at home, Well celestial things take care of me !.

From the movie "The Matrix", Morpheus asks Neo :

Morpheus : Do you believe in fate, Neo?
Neo: No.
Morpheus: Why not?
Neo: 'Cause I don't like the idea that I'm not in control of my life.

This is the exact reason, I don't want to believe in Fate, even though we don't get what we want, Its plainly related to our efforts.

Its not fate, to which we must attribute stuff, but to a rather scientific theory called "Chaos Theory" Or more commonly known as Butterfly effect.

So better Act(Karma) Rather than understand fate. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

5,4,3,2,1 Bunjee!!

   111 Metres of pure African air!.. After doing  sky diving, Driving to Leh on a motor bike I felt I was invincible and Bunjee sounded fun. Only after reaching the Victoria falls bridge, I realized how scary it is!. Coudn't imagine standing on the platform without a parapet wall and looking down some 130 Meters!.

   Well, Its not something like "Doing the right thing!", Or "Fighting for the truth!" which you need to do!. But it is something one must experience to get rid of fear from doing the right thing or Fear from fighting the truth!

   The only thing I remember was

   5,4,3,2,1 Bunjeee!...

Memoirs from Africa

  What can you possibly learn from Zambia,Africa?, Which based on our stereotype a underdeveloped country with malnutrition & primitive ways of living!. Well, Before I traveled to Zambia, The only knowledge I had was from the book, Jupiter's Travels by Ted Simon. Only characteristics I remembered were Friendly people every where & Samboosas..
I've seen both in plenty !

   There 2 more things in plenty Happiness & Discipline, 

   It really feels positive when some one.. literally ever one you see greets you saying "hello!","good morning","how are you doing today?", It definitely feels surprising to hear this from a stranger for some one from Bangalore, where people are always cursing traffic, Fighting people fleecing for every bit of your money,  
  As usual I was late to book the tickets to Livingstone which is a 500 km journey from Lusaka , While I was disappointed waiting near the ticket counter for the next bus after 3 hours, a lady asked if we are interested for a drive to Livingstone in her car, I was naturally little skeptical, Well its a different country!. When I saw the car!. I was jumping with joy inside!. Its a E-class Mercedes !. I said "Lets go!!" :) The journey was a pure bliss!.. Chilled weather ,a bigg jungle all along the way, with small huts on the sides , Small kids selling mangoes, kids running towards the road seeing a vehicle with a hope of selling some mangoes. Many times I felt little sad that I couldn't buy making the kids a little disappointed   I was hoping they are having a better life in such place which is very far from civilization!.
  Lusaka resembled a small town in India, But had a horrible traffic, with choking roads, It was a a eye opening experience that every one is very disciplined about traffic with hardly any traffic police & traffic signals ! Every one follows the rules,road signs, lane discipline like children reciting rhymes from text books, To the true sense and the intention of the Rule!. Coming back to Bangalore , I was absolutely disgusted looking at how people carelessly drive risking lives!, Honking like maniacs!. Some thing to learn from Africa !!.
  When FDI was introduced in India, Dr Manmohan Singh addressed the nation with a thought provoking quote, "No body will help those who don't help themselves!", Yes I felt the help Zambia was getting from UN was much deserved!. Much to my surprise there wasn't a single beggar on the streets in Lusaka, & in a popular tourist place as Livingstone , Not even a single beggar!. Every one does a bit!. Although at its appearance Its not a prosperous place, It is wonderful people are doing every bit to be self sufficient, 
   Should learn happiness with what we have & discipline under all circumstances!