Sunday, October 21, 2012

Welcome to the land of Plenty

In a hurry, it was decided that I'd be travelling to zambia, At first I was excited about travelling to a different country which would help to come over my monotonous routine life.

Later as the I'd discussed with other colleagues to prepare a list of things to carry, I was a bit scared, Mosquito repellents,Yellow fever vaccination!..etc.. But to get a taste of africa,Yes I was ready!

Flight via Dubai, to Lusaka, It took 11 hours to reach zambia, Its intersting that in both the flights my fellow passenger was seeking education outside, One girl studying pharmacy in India, & a guy studying Accounts in Australia.

I was so excited to land in dubai looking everywhere if I can get a sight of Burj-khalifa, Yes i found in the morning mist, It stands out!!!

Landing in zambia was pretty interesting, It is the smallest airport i've seen!.. The immigration officer was looking for original copy of my landing visa, But it was with my driver, It was hard to believe that i actually went outside the airport to get the landing visa!.

On my way to my villa in Mullangushi Village, I was telling my self about the first taste of Africa!.Hot, fewer people. and the people walking on the sides of roads full of energy, saying yo-yo.. Oh yes, I was in the land of plenty.

The place some how seemed familiar, with all the airtel posters around:)