Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indian Railways

A few stats about Indian Railways will blow out any ones' minds..Like the volume of passengers it carries and the low fare and number of employees in the organisations..
However, There are few things IR is taking people for granted.Simply put it is a pain to travel in IR.
If i have to travel a simple 700 Kms, I need to book tickets in 1 Month advance and even then Im not sure of a confirmed berth
If i have to travel to place like patna from hyderabad,I need to book at least 3 months in advance.
How ridiculous it is..
The cleanliness of stations,compartnments sucks.
And the funda of RAC!.I think no one on a RAC berth ever got a confirmed berth after boarding the train!.How silly, that no one ever cancels their journey after booking tickets!!..
I feel it is high time to ramp up the rail commutation facilities in India. Like identifying heavy volume routes and introduce VERY HIGH SPEED trains..
Japan war ravaged country got HIGH SPEED trains withing <20 years after the war.China has them!.
I feel this change has to happen at the massive pace.