Sunday, February 20, 2011

"What can you say?How stupid can I get?.I jumped off a perfectly good plane"!..
I asked the person with whom i was doing the tandem jump?.Who is going to jump first?. He said your friends will jump first. So I was superficially relaxed as I'll see how my friends do it , so that i can be more comfortable. In my mind, I was dead nervous...
Suddenly Evil,said move forward put your arms across your chest and jump. I thought. oh shit. I've to jump first!!!!..For the first time I felt indeed the phrase "heart sinking feeling" is indeed correct.. And I jumped :-) Jumped of a plane!! from 18000 Feet.
The moment i jumped, gravity. 9.8m/s2 was in action!.. I picked up a speed of almost 200 kmph. with a chilly wind gushing across my face. I couldn't feel anything but excitement. All the fue ndas i learnt in school, "Terminal velocity" was the speed at which i was falling down!!
I was FLYING!! :-)..