Monday, October 18, 2010

Multi lingual support

A: kkjdkajjjjljl (some thing in kannada)
B:kjkdjsakjdsklaj(replies in kannada)
C:This bus goes to Vidyapeeth??(Asks A&B in kannada)
C:Dude,Thats all kannada I know.Let us speak something common :-)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Exchanged garlands

Raga is a fantastic carnatic singer.Ever since I've known her I always wanted to attend her concert.Now,here is the chance, she got an opportunity to provide vocal support to a leading carnatic singer, Ananth Sarma.
Both of us felt it is a wonderful privilege to share stage with such an accomplished singer of our times.However we were wary of how his wife might spoil our happiness.With a meager knowledge about singing she is used to pampering of all wannabe singers who wanted Ananth Sarma's attention.She even insisted Raga to put a garland around her neck,once Ananth Sarma's felicitation was done.
It was a packed concert,Which started with varanams and lot of expermentation on raagas,and patrons were enjoying and more than any one else I was enjoying live music by Raga.
Looking at a lot of flashes going on there suddenly something flashed in my mind.Raga wanted me to click some photographs of her in her green saree,in which she was looking dashing and was the centripetal force of the event.I called up my brother to fetch a camera.
Once Ananth Sarma was done,He asked Raga to continue the concert .Startled at Ananth Sarma's gesture Raga was about to start. Only if Mrs Sarma had not interrupted and expressed her interest to sing in the event.I was terribly disappointed and angry too. Amidst all the booing and paper cup throwing Mrs Sharma was relentlessly trying, mincing and butchering the song ,while Raga as promised to Mrs Sharma was supporting her with all her modesty.
Swara alapana is the crown part in the carnatic songs,Raga could not tolerate Mrs Sharma butcher the song and took over and sung the swaram ri ri ga ma ri ga ma pa ma ga ma ri sa riiii.............. so fast and so clear and so accurate that the crowd jumped from their seats and burst into applause,Ananth Sarma himself came over and blessed Raga.My eyes became wet,Proud,just to know her.
While I was in parking Raga came to me running with a huge bunch of flowers in her hand

Thursday, September 09, 2010

successful people like AR Rahman always get a second chance

Friday, July 30, 2010

6 Golden rules of playing rummy

#0 Remember the rules
#1 Sort your cards,sorting is the key to success
#2 Remember the master/joker,Never throw it away
#3 Always pickup the card before you throw a card
#4 Always ensure that you have 13 cards in your hand before you pickup/drop a card
#5 If confused refer to rule #1

Sunday, April 18, 2010


At times people feel all the symptoms only after they read them somewhere.But this "Quarter life crisis" disease/stage is where you have all the symptoms then you dont know the word !!.. When we come across it. you feel. Ahhh yes.!.. thats me.. someone described me so well!!!.. ohh wait.. Not just me.. perhaps all the people in my age group feel this way!.. Intriguing isnt it?

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Every morning god wants to hear a joke, then he reads our plans .

Awesome, will have good laugh whenever i make plans.. harsh reality .how fluid our plans are!!..

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Zakir hussains remark.
q.Why dont we find zebra crossings in India.
a.'coz they are somewhere in Africa :-)


Zakir Hussain Tabla,Tafuiq Quereshi the percussionist, Sabir Khan on Sarangi, Niladri Kumar on Sitar.

The names themselves sound legendary,just imagine what the performace must've been like.
It was as if Music is their property which they have inherited from ancestors.
It was as if they own the instrument and dont share the knowledge with others.
It was as if i'm sitting in a Durbar and listening to those 300 year old compositions!!
It is really scary to imagine what those people do every day to reach this zenith of perfection.
Zakir's description of his compositions.and his sense of humour.
Niladri's rendetion of Beethoven's Fur Elise and its transition into RaghuPati Raghava Rajaram was too too too good.
Over all Thank you for the evening :-)