Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Solution to the Telengana problem

The Telengana problem:
1.The 9 districts of the telengana region are highly under-developed in terms of HDI and their needs are constantly suppressed by Leaders from other areas.
2.What does it take to make another city like HYDERABAD, which has central University,OU,IIT,IIIT,BITS & 100's of software companies and countless industries & somany central govt organisations.

The complexity:
1.How can we trust the leaders who did not raise their voice when the region was under-developed?.was ill-treated ? but now raise their voice for the power?
2.Hyderabad is a matter of pride for the entire country,just like our homeland every person from AP is proud of the development hyderabad has made till now. No one can digest if hyd is taken away from their hands..
3.with the meagre resources T- region has , can the state sustain?

The solution:
Be it a mistake or wisdom, AP was made inclusive of telengana region.The logic sounds genuine too!.All telugu speaking people ,one state.This eases administratin and wealth of entire state to be equally distributed. Had telengana been a seperate state it would have been much worse now.If some parts of it are still underdeveloped it is sheer of failure of the leaders of that region BUT NOT THAT OF OTHER LEADERS!.
If a local party with 10 MLA's can control the central govt, what was the potential of this party when it had the time of the day !..
My point is , why did Harish Rao or KCR did not do a fast untill death when water from dams were not being used T-regions? why didnt they oppose when the milk from those regions were bought for a lower price? and why did they not go on hunger strike when illiteracy and poverty are at peak in T?
learn from Irom Sharmila from manipur and let us not use the satyagraha or fasting until death a black mail and make it loose its ethical value.
The simple solution is to have a group of judges ,who are clean in their career and make it a constitutional obligation for the MPs and MLAs to live upto the promises . If not followed,they have to be charged with cheating !..
Had this law been enforced,I think each and every region in India would have prospered like anything.I know this ideal!. but when we can introduce some stupid law like ban of smoking in public places and dont know how to implement it. i think this is not a big problem!.

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