Sunday, December 27, 2009

AWE is what you feel after watching AVATAR.What a movie..with my experience..all the movies which have very high expectations are terrible flops.but this movie is outstanding.the funda is simple..but the picturization was terrific.
I was in the hangover for almost one day!..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a movie.

After a long time 3IDIOTS !. Infact after TZP..this movie is really wonderful.. Complete entertainment.. VVC has proved again..send the message rite into brain...
Loved the movie..going to watch it again.. All the actors were too too too good.Esply Boman Irani..what an actor..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Solution to the Telengana problem

The Telengana problem:
1.The 9 districts of the telengana region are highly under-developed in terms of HDI and their needs are constantly suppressed by Leaders from other areas.
2.What does it take to make another city like HYDERABAD, which has central University,OU,IIT,IIIT,BITS & 100's of software companies and countless industries & somany central govt organisations.

The complexity:
1.How can we trust the leaders who did not raise their voice when the region was under-developed?.was ill-treated ? but now raise their voice for the power?
2.Hyderabad is a matter of pride for the entire country,just like our homeland every person from AP is proud of the development hyderabad has made till now. No one can digest if hyd is taken away from their hands..
3.with the meagre resources T- region has , can the state sustain?

The solution:
Be it a mistake or wisdom, AP was made inclusive of telengana region.The logic sounds genuine too!.All telugu speaking people ,one state.This eases administratin and wealth of entire state to be equally distributed. Had telengana been a seperate state it would have been much worse now.If some parts of it are still underdeveloped it is sheer of failure of the leaders of that region BUT NOT THAT OF OTHER LEADERS!.
If a local party with 10 MLA's can control the central govt, what was the potential of this party when it had the time of the day !..
My point is , why did Harish Rao or KCR did not do a fast untill death when water from dams were not being used T-regions? why didnt they oppose when the milk from those regions were bought for a lower price? and why did they not go on hunger strike when illiteracy and poverty are at peak in T?
learn from Irom Sharmila from manipur and let us not use the satyagraha or fasting until death a black mail and make it loose its ethical value.
The simple solution is to have a group of judges ,who are clean in their career and make it a constitutional obligation for the MPs and MLAs to live upto the promises . If not followed,they have to be charged with cheating !..
Had this law been enforced,I think each and every region in India would have prospered like anything.I know this ideal!. but when we can introduce some stupid law like ban of smoking in public places and dont know how to implement it. i think this is not a big problem!.

Monday, December 14, 2009

And they thought Atom was indivisible..
When the borders that don't exist can be drawn, I guess it wasn't so difficult for the scientists I guess..
I'm really surprised how the Central Govt. Came down on the demands of a person,Should i call leader who has just 10 MLAs.. And they thought, the genuine demands across the country woudnt come up..
Like JP said, the state has more problems than to focus on drawing lines,We've seen what happened when Jharkhand was made, the Domicile policy etc..
One of my colleagues said, the only difference to an ordinary citizen would be that his number plate gets changed .Thats all..
Had these people concentrated this much on the core problems of the country,I think we wouldnt have fought like this again and again.
While I was thinking...
I thought why not a seperate country for telengana?..After all they have been deprived of the basic amneties that other regions of AP have, for that matter few other parts of country.. Also they were discriminated from other parts of AP.. It is the same congress govt. that was in power for most of the time in State and Centre.. what good it will do, if they still have the power and telengana is just a state in the Indian Union..
My point is when we start dividing where is the end?.In the first place where is this telengana region?.. I think people have to stop discriminating based on regions.. it is not a state for gods sake. and there is no where written about telengana in constitution. If a state has to be made,
1.It must be based on linguistic basis for obvious reasons
2.For administrative reasons, and varied topography
Just(Dont take this literally. applied only for this context) because the govt has neglected a group of districts it is unfair to get seperated!..
What are the MLA's and MPs of these areas doing?.. they are as responsible as their counterparts in other districts?..were they sleeping or were they busy making money ?.If it is underdeveloped it is them who have to be blamed but not the decision that the state to remain united!.
It is not late now , for the leaders to think twice about the problems we are facing and fix the priorites..

Monday, December 07, 2009

Rajesh Vaidya in Hyderabad

I've been waiting for his concert in Hyderabad from quite some time.. Luckily Kalasagaram has invited him here.I managed to convince many people to attend the concert , though those people were apprehensive that "Veena concert" would be very boring, i promised that they will not regret.
Bang!..The concert started with Vaatapi Ganapatim ,and people were spell bound!..oops string bound. It was unbelivable speed matched by perfection.. It is a show of a life time..
Most of the numbers he was playing were known by -heart to me.. Endaro mahanubhavulu,Raghu Vamsa Sudha, Bhagya daalakshmi.. Particulary Bhagya Dalakshmi was unbelievable.. He gave a terrific dimension to the song.
Luckily i managed a get a snap with him... Muhahahaha... :-)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


If there is one name , which most of the people in the world know. It is Micheal Jackson. Even in remote villages , if a guy is very good at dance, people call him MJ.!..
Two of my recent films Ek Niranjan & Arya 2 , Have a tribute to MJ!.. Great great.. Telugu movies... where dance & songs are more important the story,have drawn somuch inspiration from many of his performances..
Good to see these guys pay back a tribute to him.