Saturday, November 07, 2009

The journey from Swift to Alto

One fine day.. when I woke up.. I imagined how driving a car would be... And turmoil caused many sleepless nights.. And annoyed many of my friends.when I asked them again and again which car to buy..
Here is how I narrowed down my choice..
1.I have 3 Options.. Maruti,Hyundai,Chevrolet. My obvious choice after using an Yamaha bike for 2 years was to go for a vehicle which is made for India..Although I'm not disappointed with Gladiator..It would've had more fun if it had been a CBZ/Karizma.
So Maruti.Other reasons would be friends complaining less mileage & high cost of maintenance.and low resale value etc etc.. for the other cars..
2.Swift/Ritz/New Estilo
The moment i held the steering of swift ,I instantly loved it. It was an amazingly looking car. Albeit petrol engine is outdated.and diesel one costly.
Ritz is an awesome car,but I had trouble digesting the design.I could not convince myself that it looks good..Although offlate I started liking the looks of it.
New Estilo is average car,but when i did the test drive, it was swinging like wasim akrams ball!.. no stablity for a car of that cost.
That left me in a dilema..The most trusted car on Indian roads.Alto.Bang.
3.My new Alto is here :-))lets go..!!
But I remember the dasvidaniya dialouge.. "Oye pappu pilot.. Agar tu boeing 747 bhi khareedega naa.. tere se nahi patne wali hai!!".. heehehehehe..
Its fun driving a car. especially with A/C on. And with loud Led Zeppelin music !..

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