Tuesday, November 24, 2009

back from Orissa

Back from a wonderful trip to the beach cities.Things I've noticed
1.Beautiful city,very clean , nice people.
2.Driving manners are very very dangerous!.
3.Middle class is very happy.Didnt notice many luxury cars..But there were MANY middle segment cars
4.On Sundays 3/4th of the population is on R.K Beach and rest on Kailashgiri
1.People have to be made aware of the happenings outside Puri.People still live in Narasimha Deva's Era.
2.India is poor!.Lot of youth is doing nothing, If you talk hawking the plastic images & fake pearls and pulling a rickshaw ,I see there are many other better things to do
3.Dont people feel disgusting when they chew gutkha?? Almost EVERYONE does it.
4.Every girl has a bicycle,statistically :-)

1.Amazing temple.Very good maintenance

It is hard to make such conclusions based on a couple of days stay.But somethings you cannot ignore.

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