Tuesday, November 24, 2009

back from Orissa

Back from a wonderful trip to the beach cities.Things I've noticed
1.Beautiful city,very clean , nice people.
2.Driving manners are very very dangerous!.
3.Middle class is very happy.Didnt notice many luxury cars..But there were MANY middle segment cars
4.On Sundays 3/4th of the population is on R.K Beach and rest on Kailashgiri
1.People have to be made aware of the happenings outside Puri.People still live in Narasimha Deva's Era.
2.India is poor!.Lot of youth is doing nothing, If you talk hawking the plastic images & fake pearls and pulling a rickshaw ,I see there are many other better things to do
3.Dont people feel disgusting when they chew gutkha?? Almost EVERYONE does it.
4.Every girl has a bicycle,statistically :-)

1.Amazing temple.Very good maintenance

It is hard to make such conclusions based on a couple of days stay.But somethings you cannot ignore.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catcher in the Rye

Honestly.I did not understand the meaning of the title. After reading the book, I didn't know whether Holden was alive when he was telling the story or did he imagine all this stuff ,it is not clear. Although the book is the weirdest I've read so far, it was amusing.There were some parts which exactly reflected me !!..
Anyway my goal to read the All time best 100 Novels ,i'm 2 steps closer :-)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The journey from Swift to Alto

One fine day.. when I woke up.. I imagined how driving a car would be... And turmoil caused many sleepless nights.. And annoyed many of my friends.when I asked them again and again which car to buy..
Here is how I narrowed down my choice..
1.I have 3 Options.. Maruti,Hyundai,Chevrolet. My obvious choice after using an Yamaha bike for 2 years was to go for a vehicle which is made for India..Although I'm not disappointed with Gladiator..It would've had more fun if it had been a CBZ/Karizma.
So Maruti.Other reasons would be friends complaining less mileage & high cost of maintenance.and low resale value etc etc.. for the other cars..
2.Swift/Ritz/New Estilo
The moment i held the steering of swift ,I instantly loved it. It was an amazingly looking car. Albeit petrol engine is outdated.and diesel one costly.
Ritz is an awesome car,but I had trouble digesting the design.I could not convince myself that it looks good..Although offlate I started liking the looks of it.
New Estilo is average car,but when i did the test drive, it was swinging like wasim akrams ball!.. no stablity for a car of that cost.
That left me in a dilema..The most trusted car on Indian roads.Alto.Bang.
3.My new Alto is here :-))lets go..!!
But I remember the dasvidaniya dialouge.. "Oye pappu pilot.. Agar tu boeing 747 bhi khareedega naa.. tere se nahi patne wali hai!!".. heehehehehe..
Its fun driving a car. especially with A/C on. And with loud Led Zeppelin music !..