Saturday, July 11, 2009


Beauty(read talent) lies in the eyes of the beholder.But I see some people are so unreasonably talented.. I think it makes me believe in Karma philosophy.
Imagine federer winning 15 grandslams.. and making it to 20 finals in the last 21 grandslams he played..
Again got to hear this master piece Surmai Akhiyon mein sung by K.J Yesudas .It is so difficult to believe that some one can have so melodious voice
Again Illayaraja... Huh!!.. perhaps Indian Government has to wake-up and give him the honour he deserves.. He doesnt have padma sri!!..when Sania mirza ,Akshay kumar have it??..
This is sad week for billions of people across the world. When MJ is dead.. I guess his is the *ONLY* name which every person on the earth knows.. That is what LEGEND means..
What does it take to make to that list??!!

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