Monday, July 27, 2009

New Ten Rupee Coin

Asusual my wallet was empty when I was groping for some change to pay the kid after I got air filled in my Yamaha Gladiators tyres.I realised that I had a brand new 10 Rupee coin ,which I wanted to show to my friends.. :-)
Unfortunately I had to give it away to the kid.He replied saying "Anna,4 rupees"..
I said "That is 10Rupees". I cant describe the happiness i saw on his face!.. It is worth 1Zillion rupees...
This situation held a mirror of what I was some 15 Years back.. The happiness we used to find in every simple things, The paper boats,Book Cricket,The New Jeans,The Kissme Toffee bar,ChandraKantha,Leg Touch.. and there are Infinite moments..
P.S.. I didnt want to see that kid working there... But Life is cruel sometimes.. I hope better life awaits him

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Its me buddy! said...

I truly agree with you on that happiness in small things.. When you have less even if you find something small you feel so good and happy nothing can really beat that.. Great post..