Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happening weekends.

I was wondering, if I can ever return a serve/forehand/backhand/slice.... of Roger Federer!.. What does it take to reach the zenith of perfection ,may be we need to ask him.Congratulations on winning French Open..

My first time to listen to an MLA .Dr.JayaPrakashNarayan..Does society really need to help the underprevliaged.. probably one of the sensible questions..practically speaking "yes". But after you've paid your taxes, does it really make sense to still take some time(prbly money too) to help those who are in need.Very intriguing question..Had some lengthy arguments.. but I'd like to agree with JP that the Governenment rather governments have failed miserably in this aspect..
"Majority of people in india live with a daily average expenditure under Rs20, does it make sense for a political party which claims to be working for poor spend Rs5000 for *1* vote?"

Had a reason to visit the ISB,Attended a quiz conducted by ASHA foundation,called the ACE quiz.The quiz was too ,too good.. Luckily i managed to answer one question from the audience round.. cool,got a gift voucher at a local book store :-)) Any way my idea of attending quiz is "knowledge"..
Largest manufacturer of digital cameras? Not Sony,canon.. it is NOKIA .. Why does the french foreign legions walk always at the end in any march past? .. They walk really slow... any many interesting questions.. :-)

Again..Playing cricket at JNTU with my chaddi buddies.. will try to get some pictures this time..

Had a movie spree over last week-Prayanam,Artificial Intelligence,Rab Ne Banadi,Mumbai Meri Jaan,99.. All were awesome..

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