Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chilkur gudi today

I was supposed to meditate while making 108 pradakshinas in Chilkur Balaji Temple..I had so many thoughts in mind..
1.Utterly disappointed to see large number of people carrying polythene bags to carry coconuts flowers, it is highly disastrous to ecology around the temple, 'coz the area is a small peaceful village with large dependency on cattle & the vicinity of osman sagar lake.
Solution is to stop selling stuff in polythene bags around the temple.. ask people to carry stuff in their hands or supply paper covers.. is any contractor for paper bags listening to this.. i guess it is time for them to do some social service as well as some business..
2.108 Pradakshinas and 100s or 1000s of people all doing in the same small compound of the temple and that tooo with a bottle neck..!.. people keep on pushing and bumping into each other..
perhaps it is time to extend the compound of the temple or if people have objections to it..
make a double decker platform,so divide the people into 2..
make different lanes, with outerlane being the fastest and inner one being slow.. this makes people with different speeds move easily unlike moving at the speed of the slowest
and there should be one lane with a converyor belt for the old people, sounds weird but there are MANY people who want to do pradakshinas there but cannot just because of the rush and the effort.. this will ease out the problem for them..

Wish all of you a lot of bhakti.

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Anonymous said...

Actually my experience with chilkur is different shashank.. when there were many people i was able to do 108 pradakshinas pretty quickly compared to the time when there were few people..
But good thoughts on how to manage the queue there.. 2 queues one for slow moving people and other for fast walking people..