Sunday, April 05, 2009

Been listening to lot of Carnatic music lately!. absolutely all started when my friend asked me to watch Rudraveena,put the absolutely brilliant script aside . The voice of K.J Yesudas for some classical renditions was awesome..
That followed by me watching a live concert "Carnatic Music Vocal Concert by Yesudas" at Lalitha kala thoranam Hyderabad .. which left tears in my eyes.. knew what was acheivement, and what is talent!.
That followed my friend giving a Carnatic music CD by "M.S.Subbulakhsmi"... I was absolutely speechless.. has taken me beyond boundaries of this world.. I simply regret for not having attended her concert at least once.
While i listen to these great people, We understand the definition of perfection,patience,perseverance..
Got some motivation

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