Saturday, March 07, 2009

what is it worth?

Irony is of all the people the liquor baron had to auction for it.
Just to quote Oscar Wilde "Who wants a cynic who knows the price of everything ,but value of nothing" (learnt from TZP). I don't know if I'm a cynic or not.
But does a plate,glass and watch that wont work and pair of glasses(not sure if it is just the metal frame) WORTH $1.8 million?. I've some questions here..
Is there any one here buying is his ideals too?
Imagine a person who adopted austerity for his life time,just because his fellow country men/women didn't have enough to wear and eat..
At this heights of the time..when 400 million people are not sure where their next meal is going to come from, is it necessary to bring them back to India at that price?.
Also when Duleep Doshi & Vijay Mallya were the only people to bid for it @ 1 Million why did the price go till 1.8 Millions? when both of them want to bring them back to India and gift it to govt.
What is the big deal to get them back to India?. Just a quote from Lage Rahoo.. "Agar kahi rakhna hai to apne dil mein rakho!"..
where does the question of pride come from? people get confused .."the slumdog and the auction hero both exist here".
Imagine it to be a property of the world... and let every one buy his ideals not "useless" artefacts..

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