Sunday, March 01, 2009

solution presents itself

The other day, entire hyderabad traffic was choked. Courtesy Mrs.Sonia Gandhi's visit to Hyd..I don't know what difference does it make.. but my life became miserable. it took approx 4 hrs to reach home. 3 buses+ 1 Local train.! to travel 15 kms. Just one day.. so not much to worry about..
I pondering over the thought where one of my friends was mentioning hyderabad people have no traffic discipline this sense that sense and what not all non-sense..
Why do we dont stand in a 'Q' in MMTS stations are in Bus stands?

1.The frequency of MMTS trains is pathetic.and no one is sure when the train actually comes.
For the kind of traffic,I want the VIPs to travel in the city without traffic restrictions atleast once , I'm sure on any given day they'll get frustrated. I dont understand why they are not concentrating on the alternative traffic movement, when hyderabad population is quite comparable to any other metro in India.
2.There are no announcements at all in the station. just one has to wait till your train comes.. and how lucky we have to share the tracks with other trains.. we just keep running to see if it is the local or some other train?
3. People have no idea where the train stops. I was not really surprised to see in Delhi Metro station that people were standing in a queue. They knew where the Ladies compartment stops and where the general one stops . and much better,they know within how many SECONDS the next train is arriving! .. here no-one knows where it &when it & which one stops.. and where do you want people to stand in queue.. before you form a queue .,when the train comes the train is already gone and you have to wait.. THIRTY minutes atleast for the next one to come.
4.In the bus stands.. Ahh.. people must actually crazy/optimistic to stand in queues . They dont know where the Bus stops?????.. how can any one stand in queue?

The solution is simple
1.Increase the frequency of trains
2.Have proper notifying mechanisms or announcements
3.Mark the lines ,where the train has to stop and the train actually stops there.
4.Have a bus stopping in the bus bay.. Not every one can just HANG to the bus..

Then ask people to come and stand in Q. if still they dont.. ignore the idiots.They persist.

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