Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Innovation as usual.

While I was driving today I got an idea.Just imagine the flashy consoles of various vehicles plying around. Pulsar being the best and fz also second to none.. and many others have awesome panels.
Needless to say about cars, Honda City has got an awesome console..
Can we squeeze a small corner there to add a meter which shows pollution around you?'coz the moment we stop near a signal our engines simply soar and have nothing to do other than emitting Green house gases.
And once you reach home you can be happy to see the amount of less pollution you caused by using efficient practices.:-)
Most people dont know/care/forget or whatever must be enlightened with the numbers they contribute to pollution. Hence making the toughest job in hyderabad more tougher (traffic police).
Just as Tachy gives you the kick and speedo pushes you further, & Fuel indicator cautions you..
The pollution meter makes you RESPONSIBLE..
Just like govt. of AP is asking all of the vehicles to obtain the pollution certificate..it should also ensure the proper functionality of this meter/console unit.
Free flow of thoughts welcome..
BTW I'm not charging any patent for this idea..:-)


Its me buddy! said...

hey buddy, I do agree with you that having a pollution meter/console in a car/bike would be helpful but its only to an extent.. do you really think people will stop using car or some other vehicle since its causing lot of pollution..

Moreover if they stop using car that would be bad for car companies though.. dont you think so?

Sasanka Rajaram said...

yes you are correct.
but atleast we can make all the people aware of it.and some people conscious about it.