Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forgive me dear intelligent,
To me economics is always a theories over what has never existed.
When every one knows it is a bubble, why have every one bloated it still, rather than constraining it?
Today The Hindu pointed.. what is a crisis?. is Dalal Street tumbling a crisis? or 400 million people going to bed starving a crisis?
I think we should put more stringent regulations on the way things can explode beyond peoples' comprehension.. Of course this sounds bit un-capitalistic,and can distrub the people with power (money)
But isn't that in favour of greater good, that each time something of this sort happens everything going hay-wire. I'm deeply sympathizing with the millions of people who are loosing their jobs..(I'm shocked to see we are loosing 800 jobs/minute ) ..
Development means, find people better way of life,this can be done by uncountable ways.
-Invest in science & technology
-Make places clean
-Invest in good infrastructure..
-Have better Health facilities
-Have better education
--now dont tell me that is what people have been doing..I cant comment on that now
and what not..
Everything was going on well untill ,this uncontrollable explosion came.. is it war, or is it barbarianism or watever I dont know.. make sure we spend the money at the right places..

Think of this...
1.Smoking!.. is it worth? hmm tobacco industry!!.. aint there alternatives??
5.Political campaigning?
6.Arms and ammunation?.
Afterall we are just 6 bn people sharing same peace of land!..

like we've recovered from so many such mockeries.. I'm sure we'll once again.. but isnt it time to learn some lessons about the way we spend..
Quality of life is a right of everyone.. just because seleceted few would like to live lavishly is having a terrible ripple effects..
Ofcourse,this is all superficial.. what is visible might not be true and my meagre knowledge is grooming my thinking in this direction.. But it is worth giving that shot
"Quality spending".

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Nice thoughts ..

but i guess everyone knows 'What' to do .. the problem lies in 'How' to do it ...

i really hope life is as easy as it looked on ur blog ...

Its easy to say Why dont Israel and Palestine make peace .. why dont India & Pakistan stop spending on F16's and start spending on their hungry millions ..

i Guess humans take decisions emotionally rather than based on rational thinking ...

that causes a problem ....

I read a quote 'Never let blood spill on the land ... for it never rests , nor forgives' !