Sunday, December 27, 2009

AWE is what you feel after watching AVATAR.What a movie..with my experience..all the movies which have very high expectations are terrible flops.but this movie is outstanding.the funda is simple..but the picturization was terrific.
I was in the hangover for almost one day!..

Saturday, December 26, 2009

What a movie.

After a long time 3IDIOTS !. Infact after TZP..this movie is really wonderful.. Complete entertainment.. VVC has proved again..send the message rite into brain...
Loved the movie..going to watch it again.. All the actors were too too too good.Esply Boman Irani..what an actor..

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Solution to the Telengana problem

The Telengana problem:
1.The 9 districts of the telengana region are highly under-developed in terms of HDI and their needs are constantly suppressed by Leaders from other areas.
2.What does it take to make another city like HYDERABAD, which has central University,OU,IIT,IIIT,BITS & 100's of software companies and countless industries & somany central govt organisations.

The complexity:
1.How can we trust the leaders who did not raise their voice when the region was under-developed?.was ill-treated ? but now raise their voice for the power?
2.Hyderabad is a matter of pride for the entire country,just like our homeland every person from AP is proud of the development hyderabad has made till now. No one can digest if hyd is taken away from their hands..
3.with the meagre resources T- region has , can the state sustain?

The solution:
Be it a mistake or wisdom, AP was made inclusive of telengana region.The logic sounds genuine too!.All telugu speaking people ,one state.This eases administratin and wealth of entire state to be equally distributed. Had telengana been a seperate state it would have been much worse now.If some parts of it are still underdeveloped it is sheer of failure of the leaders of that region BUT NOT THAT OF OTHER LEADERS!.
If a local party with 10 MLA's can control the central govt, what was the potential of this party when it had the time of the day !..
My point is , why did Harish Rao or KCR did not do a fast untill death when water from dams were not being used T-regions? why didnt they oppose when the milk from those regions were bought for a lower price? and why did they not go on hunger strike when illiteracy and poverty are at peak in T?
learn from Irom Sharmila from manipur and let us not use the satyagraha or fasting until death a black mail and make it loose its ethical value.
The simple solution is to have a group of judges ,who are clean in their career and make it a constitutional obligation for the MPs and MLAs to live upto the promises . If not followed,they have to be charged with cheating !..
Had this law been enforced,I think each and every region in India would have prospered like anything.I know this ideal!. but when we can introduce some stupid law like ban of smoking in public places and dont know how to implement it. i think this is not a big problem!.

Monday, December 14, 2009

And they thought Atom was indivisible..
When the borders that don't exist can be drawn, I guess it wasn't so difficult for the scientists I guess..
I'm really surprised how the Central Govt. Came down on the demands of a person,Should i call leader who has just 10 MLAs.. And they thought, the genuine demands across the country woudnt come up..
Like JP said, the state has more problems than to focus on drawing lines,We've seen what happened when Jharkhand was made, the Domicile policy etc..
One of my colleagues said, the only difference to an ordinary citizen would be that his number plate gets changed .Thats all..
Had these people concentrated this much on the core problems of the country,I think we wouldnt have fought like this again and again.
While I was thinking...
I thought why not a seperate country for telengana?..After all they have been deprived of the basic amneties that other regions of AP have, for that matter few other parts of country.. Also they were discriminated from other parts of AP.. It is the same congress govt. that was in power for most of the time in State and Centre.. what good it will do, if they still have the power and telengana is just a state in the Indian Union..
My point is when we start dividing where is the end?.In the first place where is this telengana region?.. I think people have to stop discriminating based on regions.. it is not a state for gods sake. and there is no where written about telengana in constitution. If a state has to be made,
1.It must be based on linguistic basis for obvious reasons
2.For administrative reasons, and varied topography
Just(Dont take this literally. applied only for this context) because the govt has neglected a group of districts it is unfair to get seperated!..
What are the MLA's and MPs of these areas doing?.. they are as responsible as their counterparts in other districts?..were they sleeping or were they busy making money ?.If it is underdeveloped it is them who have to be blamed but not the decision that the state to remain united!.
It is not late now , for the leaders to think twice about the problems we are facing and fix the priorites..

Monday, December 07, 2009

Rajesh Vaidya in Hyderabad

I've been waiting for his concert in Hyderabad from quite some time.. Luckily Kalasagaram has invited him here.I managed to convince many people to attend the concert , though those people were apprehensive that "Veena concert" would be very boring, i promised that they will not regret.
Bang!..The concert started with Vaatapi Ganapatim ,and people were spell bound!..oops string bound. It was unbelivable speed matched by perfection.. It is a show of a life time..
Most of the numbers he was playing were known by -heart to me.. Endaro mahanubhavulu,Raghu Vamsa Sudha, Bhagya daalakshmi.. Particulary Bhagya Dalakshmi was unbelievable.. He gave a terrific dimension to the song.
Luckily i managed a get a snap with him... Muhahahaha... :-)

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


If there is one name , which most of the people in the world know. It is Micheal Jackson. Even in remote villages , if a guy is very good at dance, people call him MJ.!..
Two of my recent films Ek Niranjan & Arya 2 , Have a tribute to MJ!.. Great great.. Telugu movies... where dance & songs are more important the story,have drawn somuch inspiration from many of his performances..
Good to see these guys pay back a tribute to him.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

back from Orissa

Back from a wonderful trip to the beach cities.Things I've noticed
1.Beautiful city,very clean , nice people.
2.Driving manners are very very dangerous!.
3.Middle class is very happy.Didnt notice many luxury cars..But there were MANY middle segment cars
4.On Sundays 3/4th of the population is on R.K Beach and rest on Kailashgiri
1.People have to be made aware of the happenings outside Puri.People still live in Narasimha Deva's Era.
2.India is poor!.Lot of youth is doing nothing, If you talk hawking the plastic images & fake pearls and pulling a rickshaw ,I see there are many other better things to do
3.Dont people feel disgusting when they chew gutkha?? Almost EVERYONE does it.
4.Every girl has a bicycle,statistically :-)

1.Amazing temple.Very good maintenance

It is hard to make such conclusions based on a couple of days stay.But somethings you cannot ignore.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Catcher in the Rye

Honestly.I did not understand the meaning of the title. After reading the book, I didn't know whether Holden was alive when he was telling the story or did he imagine all this stuff ,it is not clear. Although the book is the weirdest I've read so far, it was amusing.There were some parts which exactly reflected me !!..
Anyway my goal to read the All time best 100 Novels ,i'm 2 steps closer :-)

Saturday, November 07, 2009

The journey from Swift to Alto

One fine day.. when I woke up.. I imagined how driving a car would be... And turmoil caused many sleepless nights.. And annoyed many of my friends.when I asked them again and again which car to buy..
Here is how I narrowed down my choice..
1.I have 3 Options.. Maruti,Hyundai,Chevrolet. My obvious choice after using an Yamaha bike for 2 years was to go for a vehicle which is made for India..Although I'm not disappointed with Gladiator..It would've had more fun if it had been a CBZ/Karizma.
So Maruti.Other reasons would be friends complaining less mileage & high cost of maintenance.and low resale value etc etc.. for the other cars..
2.Swift/Ritz/New Estilo
The moment i held the steering of swift ,I instantly loved it. It was an amazingly looking car. Albeit petrol engine is outdated.and diesel one costly.
Ritz is an awesome car,but I had trouble digesting the design.I could not convince myself that it looks good..Although offlate I started liking the looks of it.
New Estilo is average car,but when i did the test drive, it was swinging like wasim akrams ball!.. no stablity for a car of that cost.
That left me in a dilema..The most trusted car on Indian roads.Alto.Bang.
3.My new Alto is here :-))lets go..!!
But I remember the dasvidaniya dialouge.. "Oye pappu pilot.. Agar tu boeing 747 bhi khareedega naa.. tere se nahi patne wali hai!!".. heehehehehe..
Its fun driving a car. especially with A/C on. And with loud Led Zeppelin music !..

Friday, September 25, 2009

way to go

Today's Hindu cartoon scape. An innocent child asks her mother who is among a stream of women carrying pots on their heads in a very much barren land..
"Mom, now that they have found water on moon, Is now water closer to us?".
Though childish, I think it is a food for thought.. though I don't want to belittle the Technological achievement, Its time we see the reality.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Magadheera again and again

Due to some unavoidable circumstances, had to watch magadheera 3 times !. I know i might be the first person after Rajamouli to achieve this rare feat..
If not for Kajal, it wouldnt have been possible to do this.. :-)
Anyway,it is an awesome movie , must say best in recent times.

Monday, July 27, 2009

New Ten Rupee Coin

Asusual my wallet was empty when I was groping for some change to pay the kid after I got air filled in my Yamaha Gladiators tyres.I realised that I had a brand new 10 Rupee coin ,which I wanted to show to my friends.. :-)
Unfortunately I had to give it away to the kid.He replied saying "Anna,4 rupees"..
I said "That is 10Rupees". I cant describe the happiness i saw on his face!.. It is worth 1Zillion rupees...
This situation held a mirror of what I was some 15 Years back.. The happiness we used to find in every simple things, The paper boats,Book Cricket,The New Jeans,The Kissme Toffee bar,ChandraKantha,Leg Touch.. and there are Infinite moments..
P.S.. I didnt want to see that kid working there... But Life is cruel sometimes.. I hope better life awaits him

Saturday, July 11, 2009


Beauty(read talent) lies in the eyes of the beholder.But I see some people are so unreasonably talented.. I think it makes me believe in Karma philosophy.
Imagine federer winning 15 grandslams.. and making it to 20 finals in the last 21 grandslams he played..
Again got to hear this master piece Surmai Akhiyon mein sung by K.J Yesudas .It is so difficult to believe that some one can have so melodious voice
Again Illayaraja... Huh!!.. perhaps Indian Government has to wake-up and give him the honour he deserves.. He doesnt have padma sri!!..when Sania mirza ,Akshay kumar have it??..
This is sad week for billions of people across the world. When MJ is dead.. I guess his is the *ONLY* name which every person on the earth knows.. That is what LEGEND means..
What does it take to make to that list??!!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Happening weekends.

I was wondering, if I can ever return a serve/forehand/backhand/slice.... of Roger Federer!.. What does it take to reach the zenith of perfection ,may be we need to ask him.Congratulations on winning French Open..

My first time to listen to an MLA .Dr.JayaPrakashNarayan..Does society really need to help the underprevliaged.. probably one of the sensible questions..practically speaking "yes". But after you've paid your taxes, does it really make sense to still take some time(prbly money too) to help those who are in need.Very intriguing question..Had some lengthy arguments.. but I'd like to agree with JP that the Governenment rather governments have failed miserably in this aspect..
"Majority of people in india live with a daily average expenditure under Rs20, does it make sense for a political party which claims to be working for poor spend Rs5000 for *1* vote?"

Had a reason to visit the ISB,Attended a quiz conducted by ASHA foundation,called the ACE quiz.The quiz was too ,too good.. Luckily i managed to answer one question from the audience round.. cool,got a gift voucher at a local book store :-)) Any way my idea of attending quiz is "knowledge"..
Largest manufacturer of digital cameras? Not Sony,canon.. it is NOKIA .. Why does the french foreign legions walk always at the end in any march past? .. They walk really slow... any many interesting questions.. :-)

Again..Playing cricket at JNTU with my chaddi buddies.. will try to get some pictures this time..

Had a movie spree over last week-Prayanam,Artificial Intelligence,Rab Ne Banadi,Mumbai Meri Jaan,99.. All were awesome..

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today is "No Smoking Day"

I've a suggestion Here, It should've been "Quit Smoking day" for effective results.
Again for people who want to quit smoking..I've one more. Please remember Swami Vivekananda's Famous quote "WEAKNESS IS DEATH".
Please dont burn money. Half the world is are already in recession..
Here Here

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chilkur gudi today

I was supposed to meditate while making 108 pradakshinas in Chilkur Balaji Temple..I had so many thoughts in mind..
1.Utterly disappointed to see large number of people carrying polythene bags to carry coconuts flowers, it is highly disastrous to ecology around the temple, 'coz the area is a small peaceful village with large dependency on cattle & the vicinity of osman sagar lake.
Solution is to stop selling stuff in polythene bags around the temple.. ask people to carry stuff in their hands or supply paper covers.. is any contractor for paper bags listening to this.. i guess it is time for them to do some social service as well as some business..
2.108 Pradakshinas and 100s or 1000s of people all doing in the same small compound of the temple and that tooo with a bottle neck..!.. people keep on pushing and bumping into each other..
perhaps it is time to extend the compound of the temple or if people have objections to it..
make a double decker platform,so divide the people into 2..
make different lanes, with outerlane being the fastest and inner one being slow.. this makes people with different speeds move easily unlike moving at the speed of the slowest
and there should be one lane with a converyor belt for the old people, sounds weird but there are MANY people who want to do pradakshinas there but cannot just because of the rush and the effort.. this will ease out the problem for them..

Wish all of you a lot of bhakti.

Thursday, April 16, 2009


ideally the campain should be jaago bee....
does educated need to be reminded that they need to vote?.If some one is not voting he has no right to say things aint good!.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

does it really matter whom you vote

You have Praja Rajyam for Social Justice, And Congress for all its good work done so far.. and Telugu Desam Party for brining prosperity to Middle/lower class. and The Telengana Rajya Samiti with its promise of a seperate state and Communist parties.And then the Lok Satta with the Ex-IAS officer that gives to emancipation from bondage !& then you have BJP.. Any many other galli parties
Tough to Choose eh?
Got to wait and see, it is going to be interesting!.. Aint this a job to serve public, when every one says they do good stuff..I guess mathematically 9/10 of them lie!.
Say , I do good & other is bad
When the opposition is saying the same.then it is possible that one of them is telling a lie.
Now the tough question is five people say the same thing.. only one of them is truthfull!.
I hope people with their good judgement bring out the good one!..
after all it is a tough job, which demands so much, so got to recruit the right person..

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Been listening to lot of Carnatic music lately!. absolutely all started when my friend asked me to watch Rudraveena,put the absolutely brilliant script aside . The voice of K.J Yesudas for some classical renditions was awesome..
That followed by me watching a live concert "Carnatic Music Vocal Concert by Yesudas" at Lalitha kala thoranam Hyderabad .. which left tears in my eyes.. knew what was acheivement, and what is talent!.
That followed my friend giving a Carnatic music CD by "M.S.Subbulakhsmi"... I was absolutely speechless.. has taken me beyond boundaries of this world.. I simply regret for not having attended her concert at least once.
While i listen to these great people, We understand the definition of perfection,patience,perseverance..
Got some motivation

Saturday, March 14, 2009

did any one realize that they were selling lap-tops in the latest sony vaio commercial ? :-)

Sunday, March 08, 2009

late but the memory is still fresh

The solace at the banks of yamuna, followed by the grandeur of the Amritsar golden temple then the devotion at Vaishno devi next the peaks of pir panjal range and awesomeness of Dalhousie and lushness of khajjiar and beauty of Chamba valley and the royal Delhi!.. Ufff.. so much.. but this new year rocked.. with the memory still fresh in my mind..
a collage.. titled me, me & me tooo :-)

Saturday, March 07, 2009

what is it worth?

Irony is of all the people the liquor baron had to auction for it.
Just to quote Oscar Wilde "Who wants a cynic who knows the price of everything ,but value of nothing" (learnt from TZP). I don't know if I'm a cynic or not.
But does a plate,glass and watch that wont work and pair of glasses(not sure if it is just the metal frame) WORTH $1.8 million?. I've some questions here..
Is there any one here buying is his ideals too?
Imagine a person who adopted austerity for his life time,just because his fellow country men/women didn't have enough to wear and eat..
At this heights of the time..when 400 million people are not sure where their next meal is going to come from, is it necessary to bring them back to India at that price?.
Also when Duleep Doshi & Vijay Mallya were the only people to bid for it @ 1 Million why did the price go till 1.8 Millions? when both of them want to bring them back to India and gift it to govt.
What is the big deal to get them back to India?. Just a quote from Lage Rahoo.. "Agar kahi rakhna hai to apne dil mein rakho!"..
where does the question of pride come from? people get confused .."the slumdog and the auction hero both exist here".
Imagine it to be a property of the world... and let every one buy his ideals not "useless" artefacts..

Sunday, March 01, 2009

solution presents itself

The other day, entire hyderabad traffic was choked. Courtesy Mrs.Sonia Gandhi's visit to Hyd..I don't know what difference does it make.. but my life became miserable. it took approx 4 hrs to reach home. 3 buses+ 1 Local train.! to travel 15 kms. Just one day.. so not much to worry about..
I pondering over the thought where one of my friends was mentioning hyderabad people have no traffic discipline this sense that sense and what not all non-sense..
Why do we dont stand in a 'Q' in MMTS stations are in Bus stands?

1.The frequency of MMTS trains is pathetic.and no one is sure when the train actually comes.
For the kind of traffic,I want the VIPs to travel in the city without traffic restrictions atleast once , I'm sure on any given day they'll get frustrated. I dont understand why they are not concentrating on the alternative traffic movement, when hyderabad population is quite comparable to any other metro in India.
2.There are no announcements at all in the station. just one has to wait till your train comes.. and how lucky we have to share the tracks with other trains.. we just keep running to see if it is the local or some other train?
3. People have no idea where the train stops. I was not really surprised to see in Delhi Metro station that people were standing in a queue. They knew where the Ladies compartment stops and where the general one stops . and much better,they know within how many SECONDS the next train is arriving! .. here no-one knows where it &when it & which one stops.. and where do you want people to stand in queue.. before you form a queue .,when the train comes the train is already gone and you have to wait.. THIRTY minutes atleast for the next one to come.
4.In the bus stands.. Ahh.. people must actually crazy/optimistic to stand in queues . They dont know where the Bus stops?????.. how can any one stand in queue?

The solution is simple
1.Increase the frequency of trains
2.Have proper notifying mechanisms or announcements
3.Mark the lines ,where the train has to stop and the train actually stops there.
4.Have a bus stopping in the bus bay.. Not every one can just HANG to the bus..

Then ask people to come and stand in Q. if still they dont.. ignore the idiots.They persist.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Innovation as usual.

While I was driving today I got an idea.Just imagine the flashy consoles of various vehicles plying around. Pulsar being the best and fz also second to none.. and many others have awesome panels.
Needless to say about cars, Honda City has got an awesome console..
Can we squeeze a small corner there to add a meter which shows pollution around you?'coz the moment we stop near a signal our engines simply soar and have nothing to do other than emitting Green house gases.
And once you reach home you can be happy to see the amount of less pollution you caused by using efficient practices.:-)
Most people dont know/care/forget or whatever must be enlightened with the numbers they contribute to pollution. Hence making the toughest job in hyderabad more tougher (traffic police).
Just as Tachy gives you the kick and speedo pushes you further, & Fuel indicator cautions you..
The pollution meter makes you RESPONSIBLE..
Just like govt. of AP is asking all of the vehicles to obtain the pollution should also ensure the proper functionality of this meter/console unit.
Free flow of thoughts welcome..
BTW I'm not charging any patent for this idea..:-)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

it is unfair on part of brain, to forget most important things!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Forgive me dear intelligent,
To me economics is always a theories over what has never existed.
When every one knows it is a bubble, why have every one bloated it still, rather than constraining it?
Today The Hindu pointed.. what is a crisis?. is Dalal Street tumbling a crisis? or 400 million people going to bed starving a crisis?
I think we should put more stringent regulations on the way things can explode beyond peoples' comprehension.. Of course this sounds bit un-capitalistic,and can distrub the people with power (money)
But isn't that in favour of greater good, that each time something of this sort happens everything going hay-wire. I'm deeply sympathizing with the millions of people who are loosing their jobs..(I'm shocked to see we are loosing 800 jobs/minute ) ..
Development means, find people better way of life,this can be done by uncountable ways.
-Invest in science & technology
-Make places clean
-Invest in good infrastructure..
-Have better Health facilities
-Have better education
--now dont tell me that is what people have been doing..I cant comment on that now
and what not..
Everything was going on well untill ,this uncontrollable explosion came.. is it war, or is it barbarianism or watever I dont know.. make sure we spend the money at the right places..

Think of this...
1.Smoking!.. is it worth? hmm tobacco industry!!.. aint there alternatives??
5.Political campaigning?
6.Arms and ammunation?.
Afterall we are just 6 bn people sharing same peace of land!..

like we've recovered from so many such mockeries.. I'm sure we'll once again.. but isnt it time to learn some lessons about the way we spend..
Quality of life is a right of everyone.. just because seleceted few would like to live lavishly is having a terrible ripple effects..
Ofcourse,this is all superficial.. what is visible might not be true and my meagre knowledge is grooming my thinking in this direction.. But it is worth giving that shot
"Quality spending".

Saturday, January 24, 2009

As if this was his best

when you start naming.. the toughest job would be to put them in a order.. these most unbiased listing would be in a chronological order.
Now that he won golden globe and Oscar nominations.Atleast i feel this is not the best he scored.Ever.
If the rest of the world starts liking his music.Let them also go through his old greats.. let them also go through illayaraja, who was just denied the communication technology advances. if given would have certainly taken the world by a stride.
Congrats Rahman....Proud of you!.