Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Note:This is partly inspired from the Steve jobs first ever introduction to i-pod.
wat a fitness freak I've became !! was there in 10k Run at Hyderabad(of course running/waking was < 1 ) I've been looking forward to buy a genuine Sports shoe.. was looking for Nike or Adidas. Which ever shoe I like, it was super costly.. True,even for an IT employee.. when i look for some thing reasonable.. either they had pathetic quality or lack Brand trust.
At this point I feel a greater level of awareness among us towards the importance of fitness..I Heard a colleague at my Gym saying " Saala, Marr bhi jaunga.. lekin dead body pe six pack hona zaroori hain".. and so are my neighbors.. go for walking .. and reasonably controlling the diet..

wat can push this need for fitness further? a good apparel, which is comfortable yet affordable.. with a good brand name..
For eg:Say Hero Honda.. ppl say " Sir,etla nadipina bandi 65 kms/ltr guarantee" .. Affordable,highly reliable. and the most important thing is have good utility..
Wish i had more money,to capture the market.. where I feel there is no clear leader here.. ready for some high prospective Investment??