Monday, October 01, 2007


When prodeus asked sinbad about the journey to Tauturus ,he snapped up with a simple reply "Nothing much,Fair winds and calm seas..".. Well I have so much to say after coming back from Nagarjuna Sagar.. Well i went there on my Bike.just 190 Kms from my home..
After watching MotoGP 2007 , this year and started to adore Valentino Rossi,ofcourse Dying to read,"What if I've never tried it!" .. and also a video of Yamaha biker riding @ 300 Km/hr.. and after i felt a need to take a break.. I headed off for a loong ride.
To my satisfaction the ride was absolutely fantastic..
Just trying my hand at poetry (Doubt if we can call this one :-) )
Where rain washed the roads clean..
and the monsoon painted the trees green
and the power water Stream challenged by Concrete Man-made Dam!.. a Wonder..
and of course the Nature's huge walls made of mountains helping to hold the water!!..
And the ride ,Where the rain chased us,Where we fought the Dragon flies aswell as some idiots' stupid driving..

Well that was fantastic!!
Wish the petrol had come for FREE :-)

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