Wednesday, August 08, 2007

r u still getting any personal mails??

I watched this crazy Ad on the TV.. and felt ahh.. the poor guy had spent so much money on such silly thing. when launched ,This product was an incredible success.. but who would want to search using some when you have Google.
Yeah I was talking abt indiatimes mail, When we have services of Stalwarts like Google and Yahoo. It is a bold decision to make after all.. However,what good does it make??.
One thing ,I did not bother to use this service ,'coz i've been using gmail for quite sometime.. and Sincerely I'm addicted to it.. and 100% of my friends are using the same network!!!.. and I find no reason to switch!!!..
Had it been some new restaurant or some some new Beer.. some one should have tried it..Yet it is just another email service.. I don't reckon Zapak mail,which was launched some time back had any success.. did it??
I was reading this article.. what is common between Wimbledon,Harry Potter and Himesh Reshmamuya.. Yes of course success is common among them... I don't like the nasal. anyway that is different story.. But these 3 have something new and Unique
Simply put . there is no need to Re-invent the wheel..
Any way Good Luck to the new e-mail service.. never know what he might have come up with!!..

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