Monday, July 02, 2007

Dear Hyderabadi!

Thanks to all of you who lifted me and my bike and asked me how I was when i fell down rite in front of cyber towers ..
Please drive carefully!! use Disc brakes carefully!!. esply on mud roads!!
It is not your birth right to stop the vehicle,whenever u feel like crossing the road.
Respect mamu often!!..when you see a red signal, it means STOP!!
Guys driving pulsars,please understand that it is not written in manuals that u've to ride always at 100 kmph for good experience!!
Changing lanes,though it is fun,it puts holes into your pockets ..simple rule yaar,sum of two sides of a triangle is always greater than the third side ... so go straight!!!
Most important thing is have patience, it is OK to wait couple of seconds!! ..

Yes of course I'm an amateur driver ,and salaam to all of u ,who are driving since ages... these are some thoughts good for every one!!..

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