Monday, June 18, 2007

emi vachu?? eetha.. eetha sir, shimming

Ah.. My most glorious achievement after my BE, is that I've learnt swimming, of course the main intention was to shred some weight,unfortunately even after one month ,there is not even slight difference,thats what my friends say. To me ,I know I've improved a lot in terms of stamina and most important courage and ability to learn!!
And the best part is I enjoyed it a lot!!!!
Since I've been dormant on blogging for quite some time, one of my friends reminded me to write some thing... i felt ooh yeah... there have been quite so many things happened in recent past, which are significant enough to share..
Most important thing is I got a bike,Gladiator... Yamaha Rocks,Dont ask me why I bought it, is it the looks or the engine or the John Abraham or the mileage or the pick up or Yamaha itself.. one reason is it fits all my parameters and I LOVE IT!!.. and going around on a bike is soooper when the streets are empty.. of course someday I'll write on that at length.. Having fun on YAAAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA..

And yes my job, finally i found what i love, and all i need to do is love what i'm doing.. !which involves a long way to go..
Such a good reader I'm ,who took 3 months to complete Gone with the Wind(it was very lengthy one yaar).. started two more books..
World is Flat and O'Jerusalem. will finish most probably by ...


Suchintya said...

Hey, congratulations on the bike! and did you finally learn to swim??

Sasanka Rajaram said...

Thanks.. learnt swimming well!! .. yes ofcourse need to practice.. but i feel i'm reasonably good :-)