Monday, April 16, 2007

Young Federers @ KPHB!!!

One of good things happened after Sania lost in all the Major tournaments was... people got really interested in Tennis.. and my colony, where Cricket rules in almost all the streets.. I hardly find people breaking window panes any more. Rather they are interested in tennis.. Yes.. we have approx 6 tennis courts in my vicinity.
And most importantly it is all the Kids who are interested.. ofcourse the Gen-Next,I saw a small kiddo wearing a short and sleevless and a Racquet hung on his shoulders.. Ofcourse Nadal in the making..
Good luck to all of u kids..My biggest puzzle is when leander paes won..I reckon Tennis never got so much of it because the purchasing power of Middle class has grown or is it the "SHE" effect..!!Any way thanks to Sania,for the change...
I'd definitely capture a wonderful moment ,while these Kids are playing

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