Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just one of my stupid logics

When Munnabhai was Halluscinating, he referred to that as " Dimmag mein chemical locha ho gaya" .. it just means chemical imbalances in Brain.
Astrology, in here is mostly in reference with stars and there posistions .To me astrology is not always but most of the times is correct.. ofcourse not so precisely however sometimes it might be closer to truth.
I'm not a person who would take Astrology seriously but you see some times you are bound to belive certain things without any rational explaination..
Here is a reasonable explainataion.. the position of the stars at a particular moment are responsible for variation of the gravitation force at a point and this leads to the " Chemical locha" at that point ( Co-ordinates , x,y,z,t ) and you tend to act accordingly.. so you are bound to behave accordingly.. Silly reasoning but can u prove that this is wrong!!!
Now i was just wondering how precise astrology is , I can now call this as a science , which is closely related to Astronomy!!!

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