Thursday, March 22, 2007

Just one of my stupid logics

When Munnabhai was Halluscinating, he referred to that as " Dimmag mein chemical locha ho gaya" .. it just means chemical imbalances in Brain.
Astrology, in here is mostly in reference with stars and there posistions .To me astrology is not always but most of the times is correct.. ofcourse not so precisely however sometimes it might be closer to truth.
I'm not a person who would take Astrology seriously but you see some times you are bound to belive certain things without any rational explaination..
Here is a reasonable explainataion.. the position of the stars at a particular moment are responsible for variation of the gravitation force at a point and this leads to the " Chemical locha" at that point ( Co-ordinates , x,y,z,t ) and you tend to act accordingly.. so you are bound to behave accordingly.. Silly reasoning but can u prove that this is wrong!!!
Now i was just wondering how precise astrology is , I can now call this as a science , which is closely related to Astronomy!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Job Satisfaction
Well this is by COO of Mindtree on Job satisfaction,which was pleasing and also convincing.. Still some how i dont agree,Well i donot have a sound argument to counter this..

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Nice things to know..

I was watching an interview on NDTV ,where Pranoy roy was having a chat with none other that Prof,John Nash.. After reading his Biography and watching the movie A beatiful Mind, I was really Intersted in that.. At one point when asked about Ramanujam.. Nash mentioned that "It is really every Mathematicians dream to be compared to Ramanujam.. " Not Exactly the same words. but almost same..

Great to have an Indian. who is soo great... unfortunately he was encouranged and recogonised outside India.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It takes little to reclaim your life.

Of all the campaigns I really appreciate the ads by TATA Motors.This ones' my favourite.

Please welcome the change

One of my colleagues quoted that.. Of all the things in corporate ,only thing which is constant is "Change" .. offlate, quite a few things have started to change,some of them I'm making deliberately and some not sure how..
Just to start with i'm linking up the profiles of the Great people ,who made difference to the world..They are people who acheived perfection in what they did..