Sunday, January 07, 2007

Perception and the reality

It was an usual monday evening,where people were returning from their office after a tiresome day,where every one was soo tired and wanted to reach home as early as possible, But there were two kids,A boy and a girl who were making a lot of noise,which is annoyance to the people around and the kids did not knew anything about the stress in life ..
All the people were very annoyed now,and they went to his father and tell him, "why don't you tell them to be quiet, they are irritating every one on the compartment" . The kids father silently replied. "What should I tell them, shall tell them that your mother passed away just half-an-hour back and she is no-more, will they understand that??" All the people in the compartment were shocked.. Now everyone was thinking .."What would happen to these kids?"..
Oh,that was a story told by my Manager,God forbid no one should ever fall into this situation.. But this was a nice way to tell people ,"Don't be presumptuos".... Every person has his priorites and everyone has a life.. He will do everything which is correct to him.. "You cannot judge someone else,on something which you believe to be correct"-Gone with the Wind.
I once wrote quoting tenali ramakrishna's Goats tail example, when you see things from the other perspective the toughest problem might look like nothing..

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