Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Is an uncertainity possible?

I saw Guru recently.. it starts with "My Dad told me,not to dream . But I did.." .. Quite a powerful statement.. Then suddenly a wierd thought struck to me. ofcourse that is meaningless.. but it is quite a thoughtful is " Am I Dreaming , is recursive dreaming( yeah, dreams in dreams ) possible? " .. And when I suddenly wake-up what if is i realise that , it was a dream where , I was writing this blog and it was a dream I was working for a company .. or watever..

Will all this be meaningless when I wake up... Because uncertainities are possible only in dreams.. otherwise what is all this . "Infinite universe, only planent where water is availible etc"..

Oh , I have a stop this here ..if I keep thinking ,this is getting stronger and stronger, and I might start halluscinating..

I Simply got no proof,abt this..Can u prove ??


Ravindra Rajaram said...

You should definitely try and understand some concepts delivered in 'The Matrix' and its sequels..

Sasanka Rajaram said...

Oh really?? .. I've never seen matrix completely except for the amazing stunts.. Its good that my thoughts are on par with wachowski brothers.. not bad eh!!.. :-)