Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ideas Unlimited

One evening out of a regular conversation , my smoker friend who was pursuing Masters in Wireless communication was thinking what improvements can be made to this mobile phone.?? He thought for a while and said "why not add a lighter to this mobile!!" .. and later he himself said.. "Fuck, this is what a ME Wireless comm . guy could concieve..".. Ofcourse that was not a stupid idea, indeed.... Any idea, which might look deceptively simple could be worth millions of dollars...
However the question is not getting an idea, but try implementing that idea.. and the perfect example is "Newton and the apple, Earth attracts all objects.. what a simple funda.. But everything we do depends on that.!!" ..and many examples till date.. "why not make mobile, where Antenna is not popped outside?".. and "why not sell Ads on email,and make e-mail free?".. the idea is simple though .. all you need is courage and the knowledge to implement..
This thought occurs to me everyday I come home in my Cab, "why not do this? why not do that?"..lets assume that Dreams will find their means , and I might be sucessful.. Yes u can count on me, and invest, this is the rite time .. :-)

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