Sunday, January 28, 2007

Apache and CBZ extreme.. and the ride and the Games...

Had, a great weekend.. Met friends.. and it was a lot of fun playing in water.. oh. i'd been to the Ocean park and the Gandipet, with three of my friends and that was a great experience.. The best part of the trip was a the ride back to home,.. and my new Digi cam captured splendind pics.. and the best one was..

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Ideas Unlimited

One evening out of a regular conversation , my smoker friend who was pursuing Masters in Wireless communication was thinking what improvements can be made to this mobile phone.?? He thought for a while and said "why not add a lighter to this mobile!!" .. and later he himself said.. "Fuck, this is what a ME Wireless comm . guy could concieve..".. Ofcourse that was not a stupid idea, indeed.... Any idea, which might look deceptively simple could be worth millions of dollars...
However the question is not getting an idea, but try implementing that idea.. and the perfect example is "Newton and the apple, Earth attracts all objects.. what a simple funda.. But everything we do depends on that.!!" ..and many examples till date.. "why not make mobile, where Antenna is not popped outside?".. and "why not sell Ads on email,and make e-mail free?".. the idea is simple though .. all you need is courage and the knowledge to implement..
This thought occurs to me everyday I come home in my Cab, "why not do this? why not do that?"..lets assume that Dreams will find their means , and I might be sucessful.. Yes u can count on me, and invest, this is the rite time .. :-)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Guru Kanth desai..

"Wow, that was a terrific movie", My friend told me, and i was eager to watch the movie, as it was the great Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman Combination.. When i saw the movie ,it was too good.With a decent story which depicts the situation of business in India immediately after independence.. where only the rich could start any business.. Hats-off to Ambani who created a new empire..

The High-light of Movie was Mithuns' action.. but abhisheks was more like mimicking amitabh bachan and kamal hassan..

there were a couple of questions unanswered for me.. what happened to madhavan and mithun chakraborthy at the end...??

Is an uncertainity possible?

I saw Guru recently.. it starts with "My Dad told me,not to dream . But I did.." .. Quite a powerful statement.. Then suddenly a wierd thought struck to me. ofcourse that is meaningless.. but it is quite a thoughtful is " Am I Dreaming , is recursive dreaming( yeah, dreams in dreams ) possible? " .. And when I suddenly wake-up what if is i realise that , it was a dream where , I was writing this blog and it was a dream I was working for a company .. or watever..

Will all this be meaningless when I wake up... Because uncertainities are possible only in dreams.. otherwise what is all this . "Infinite universe, only planent where water is availible etc"..

Oh , I have a stop this here ..if I keep thinking ,this is getting stronger and stronger, and I might start halluscinating..

I Simply got no proof,abt this..Can u prove ??

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

I don't give a damn..

"Hello Sir, Would you like to try our new credit card?" " Sir, would you like an appartment in madhapur.. ".. I dont know where these people get my phone number from.. there is some one who *SOLD* my contact to these people... who sell credit cards and other offers from.. these calls might get annoyning some times and we tend to get a bit rude.. thats fine..
Some times i see people who call the Call center and ask wierd questions and expect to get the answer as if the person on the other end is CEO of the org.. "Is this the quality of service you provide??".. ofcourse he is not the owner of the company he too has some limitations and most important thing is they are doing there job... So lets try not be rude to them.. atleast i will..

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Perception and the reality

It was an usual monday evening,where people were returning from their office after a tiresome day,where every one was soo tired and wanted to reach home as early as possible, But there were two kids,A boy and a girl who were making a lot of noise,which is annoyance to the people around and the kids did not knew anything about the stress in life ..
All the people were very annoyed now,and they went to his father and tell him, "why don't you tell them to be quiet, they are irritating every one on the compartment" . The kids father silently replied. "What should I tell them, shall tell them that your mother passed away just half-an-hour back and she is no-more, will they understand that??" All the people in the compartment were shocked.. Now everyone was thinking .."What would happen to these kids?"..
Oh,that was a story told by my Manager,God forbid no one should ever fall into this situation.. But this was a nice way to tell people ,"Don't be presumptuos".... Every person has his priorites and everyone has a life.. He will do everything which is correct to him.. "You cannot judge someone else,on something which you believe to be correct"-Gone with the Wind.
I once wrote quoting tenali ramakrishna's Goats tail example, when you see things from the other perspective the toughest problem might look like nothing..

Monday, January 01, 2007

2006,Asusual a year went by. But this year was not usual... Got a job,and a great change in my personality ,my way of thinking and many more things have changed.. it added some more mass to me.. which increased my inertia,(laziness,thats how my physics lecturer explained me Newton's first law).It gave me great friends,I Saw the capital of India, and Saw the Taj Mahal.It also gave an insight into professional world and explained me work ethics (not sure how much i know)

Last year when Amitabh Bachan was selected as NDTV Person of the year.. Pranay Roy asked him what are your New year resolutions, Amitabh replied agitatedly ,"Pranoy I hate this question... 'coz whenever I've to make a resolution and do something good.Why should it be the new year?". This statement left a great impact on me..However as I told. My inertia stops me from from acting quickly.. So again I thought of making some resolutions.. Most ,I want to keep'em close to my heart..will tell when I've done them.

Of All the things I want to do well is set my priorities well and acheive them by giving my best,and Stay fit and healty,And improve my English Vocabulory by improving my reading habit, And yes My inertia is to be reduced.. lets see.. how well I can do.. Now wish me luck!!!