Friday, December 29, 2006

Nice way to do business..

Ever since the telephone was launched... to my knowledge,all incoming calls are free. When the mobile was first launched,I remember incoming calls were also very high mobiles are more likely used as pagers... "Get a missed call,and the call the person from a nearest STD booth" . But as time passed, the competition got severe.. and the prices were slashed down very quickly..

But Airtel presents " Song Catcher". which listens any song and matches from its data base, and makes it as your caller tune. Wow!! that is amazingly simple.. And the prices are as low as 1 re/Day.

Now I guess you get the picture,"WE ARE BEING CHARGED FOR INCOMING CALLS ALSO". that too irrespective of how many calls we make.. Nice idea rite,Owner is happy . and customer is also happy as he is getting value for the money he is paying.

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Ravindra Rajaram said...

how many ppl do u think realise the fact that they are being charged for the incoming calls too!!
thatz a gud point u picked... :)