Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Ignorance is not bliss..

I read some where "linux *is* user friendly but not ignorant friendly".. This statement was really insulting, as i'm a chronic Windows user , and I don't even know how to play a song in linux (ofcourse,when some one mounts a drive I can do that) . So I thought I would see , what is all the hype around this linux ,which is supposedly the competitor for MS-Windows..
So to get started ,I installed Ubuntu,which was given to me by programming gurus at our college,where I was reluctant to install this version ,coz i was reasonably happy with my windows..
Now when I installed this on computer,ofcourse I did not leave my Windows yet,I find no major difference, in terms of Interface or the performance .. and please mind that this is an ignorant speaking..
Now i'd go about learning what is this ubuntu all about,by starting with the philosophy of ubuntu.. coz that is best why to study any thing,where you will get to know ,why some thing is incorporated into it...

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Anonymous said...

Bloody, that "someone" who mounts the drives is me!!