Saturday, December 30, 2006

I-pod or Zune ,What to buy? Who can answer this well?

Was Yahoo Stupid,when Google asked to buy its search technology?, It said "First make it scalable,and why not start your own firm"!!..Now everyone knows What Google is ,and where it stands in the Internet world. When it launched Gmail,it swept the land beneath the feet of Hotmail and yahoo..
I thought google,with its very creative products will constantly improve it's search results.. we all know News,blogger,orkut,spreadsheet,picasa etc.. any thing google does to give a better search results,And ofcourse Google was a huge success.
In the world of searching.. Leave aside factual searches,and Data or Event related searches,which is a major part. However,a major part of searches we make are Questions.. I want to buy a mobile,i ask what is the price of Nokia? or is I-pod better than Zune? or what is the best holiday spot in hyderabad... etc.. Most of my searches are questions.. But the way search engines work, cannot give you accurate results. ofcourse "If you assume that the question is already resolved at some other place,we can get better results."
Say inorder to ask "What is the best Holiday spot in Hyderabad?" . I should ask "Best Holiday spot in hyderabad is ". Ofcourse you get some results generated By some machine ,which implements some algorithm. But if you would ask a Hyderabadi like me .. I would say Gandipet or Imax.. or some reasonable place..
So, Google and Yahoo fought over this, To get "As Many questions as possible,and Get Answers by humans for these questions.. Ofcourse is also doing this.Don't know how successfull Microsoft is?."Google was innovative and priced the questions ,depending on the priority with which they have to answered. whereas Yahoo formed a community and helped people answer these questions.
Google forgot an important point.. "Internet is a place,where everyone wants something for free,No one wants to pay,Free email,Free community sites,Free Web hosting,Free Mp3 Player etc..".
Yahoo,which is focused and now i realise that "Yahoo knows what it is doing,and definitely a competitor to google any time. ".
Yesterday when i was searching to buy I-Pod or Zune,Yahoo Answers gave 11 answers within 1Hr , Still Undecided what to buy.. Whats ur say??

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