Monday, January 01, 2007

2006,Asusual a year went by. But this year was not usual... Got a job,and a great change in my personality ,my way of thinking and many more things have changed.. it added some more mass to me.. which increased my inertia,(laziness,thats how my physics lecturer explained me Newton's first law).It gave me great friends,I Saw the capital of India, and Saw the Taj Mahal.It also gave an insight into professional world and explained me work ethics (not sure how much i know)

Last year when Amitabh Bachan was selected as NDTV Person of the year.. Pranay Roy asked him what are your New year resolutions, Amitabh replied agitatedly ,"Pranoy I hate this question... 'coz whenever I've to make a resolution and do something good.Why should it be the new year?". This statement left a great impact on me..However as I told. My inertia stops me from from acting quickly.. So again I thought of making some resolutions.. Most ,I want to keep'em close to my heart..will tell when I've done them.

Of All the things I want to do well is set my priorities well and acheive them by giving my best,and Stay fit and healty,And improve my English Vocabulory by improving my reading habit, And yes My inertia is to be reduced.. lets see.. how well I can do.. Now wish me luck!!!

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