Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Who will win "the girl"?

Out of the blue... I'm not talking about the America & Iraq and I'm also not talking about Google & Yahoo war. It is over MUSIC. Music is some thing which knows no language and it is something which can really take out of this world.The perfect interpretation would be "converting audio signals to digital signals, interpreting the sequence of 1's and 0's as SAREGAME... " and playing with these numbers ,So when a sound with/without some frequencies would be pleasant to hear.
I think BOSE was the first to realize this fact ..And Sony was the first to realise this potential and WALKMAN was the result.. for almost a decade.. Sony ruled this industry ,with virtually no competitors... and if u notice the timeline of the industry,people are entering into this field these days as" better late than never"
Apple ,with Steve Jobs ,the great visionary behind it.. entered the field with a sleek, beatiful and handy I-POD ,to me biggest advantage of i-pod is its audio quality and the beautiful design ,which has always been a part of all Apple products.This finally ended the monopoly of Sony over digital music player... People are gradually forgetting to buy CD-mans and walkmans.. With a commanding success of Apple in this field.. gave a hint to other biggies in this field... and followers are CREATIVE,SAMSUNG,TOSHIBA... and rest..
And now enter the FOLLOWER .. Microsoft,M$
as people call it.. was not afraid of it's late entry ,and also it's inexperience.. asuaual ,the result was a clone of an already successful product,with so-many enhanced features.. the hardisk made by toshiba,the processor by freescale, the software is ONLY by Microsoft,I believe the only thing M$ is counting upon is its 100million dolllars investment in the publicity of ZUNE... Though I haven't seen the ZUNE,i'm quite hopeful that this would be cooool gizmo with nice features.. rather than being just a muzic player like i-pod..
However, now the serious question is what people expect from a coool gizmo... the way nokia,motorola are investing to make their mobiles more of an "music player" rather then just a mobile and the way Microsoft is making their product with a wireless or rather bluetooth connectivity.... it is tough to know at the moment..
Recently a quote by Steve Jobs "I've seen the demonstrations about how you can find another person using a Zune and give them a song they can play three times. It takes for ever. By the time you've gone through all that, the girl's got up and left."

If these people believe , the purpose of a cool gizmo is to win the girl..,i believe it is tough time for a while to determine who can help me win.. will wait and seee...
BTW i'm looking for a reliable,awesome sound quality,and more compatibily, and if it can help me win a girl.. thats an addded advantage....
Good luck M$,Apple,Nokia,Motorola,Creative,Samsung... :)

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