Saturday, November 25, 2006

Bommarillu Again..

Oh!! We wanted to see hardcore Andhra Mass types movie.. Guess what can be a better option other than Stalin. With two of my non-telugu speaking friends,we were all set to see Stalin,Ofcourse it would be second time for me.
It was that moment where we realised that Stalin is somewhere 20 kms far from our place..But my determined friends ,wanted to see Bommarillu,which I insisted that this story oriented movie,with so-many dialogues is not a better option.
I even gave a hint to them abt the friends episode which I like in which he says "Now enjoy the slow death"..
However me, along with my determined friends entered the theatre. This movie was a nice one "ofcourse I never like the instances where people read me like a book" .I guess the context of the movie is quite common every where but to what extent this happens actually matters.. I really enjoyed the light comedy.. however I should really appreciate my friends patience who were there through out the movie..

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Virtual Reality. said...

I am his affected friend, who went to see that movie. I was sitting silently looking around. Nothing i understood. Seeing that movie i got know the outline of that movie. When everyone were laughing i was wandering why the hell these people are laughing. It was 3 hour slow death actually.