Sunday, October 22, 2006

DON is back!!!!!

It's been lot of time since I was a student, I always used to think,"when iam working I would be doing creative stuff, this college life.... you are forced to read the subjects which you are not even interested.. "
Now I realise why I miss my college life, simply b'coz in your college,you are the DON of yourself,you can do anything you like , all you need is to pass the exam.. I hope everone thinking my way can easily do that.. But the freedom to do anything is not found anywhere.. So friends,who are still students.. college life is the best place to pursue your passions.. and you would get helluva encouragement to do that..why??? all the major products which are infront of us are a result of college projects.. how many do you think are born out of biggies....????
so, I feel I want to be a part of it again....
P.S: Don't give me crap like , "you can also learn while you earn ,etc.." b'coz when you are doing something ,make sure that you make no mistakes .. haha.. this is also learning from life....

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