Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Butterfly effect

The Butterfly effect is "Small variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system" - (Chaos Theory)- .
How the hell is it relavent to me?? . Most of the times, we wonder about "why the hell am I here?", to me the answer is simple ..
Somepoint of time we did something to which this is the consequence....Let me give an example,some times I think why haven't I got admission into IIT? the answer is either I haven't put in right amount of effort to get into IIT or I could not make-up my mind to give-away one more year .. So every moment we have infront of us is a CONSEQUENCE.
As you notice these changes for that particular instant seem to be infinetesimal..But on a long run,These small moments bring a helluva change in the life we lead.. So, I think every moment has to be tuned with perfection if we have to lead a better life.,coz some point of time, if we think "had I done this, or had I not done that .." it would have been very late...

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Stalin redefined the rules of gravity.!!!

After a momentary thought,I decided to watch Stalin instead of Bommarillu.. No specific reasons though,only one reason.. CHIRANJEEVI .If some one asks me howz the movie?,I would say the movie is terrific,coz I liked it very much and enjoyed the movie through out.
Except for a few moments where you have to forget all laws of gravitation which we learned in our schools,and bear with all the pathetic songs, the movie was excellent,particularly the background score was amazing, I wonder if it is by Manisharma.. and the message it carried out " Help 3 people around you,and ask them to do some help to further 3 people",carry out this recursively.. It was a nice message..
But now thinking about practicality,who would like to be preached?at least not me.. i would do things my own way ,rather than getting preached!!! .. I guess this is the case with most of the people,save few souls who i'm eternally indebted to..for the good work they are doing..
Personally I feel tollywood has to growup a bit more and come-out from the routine,"use the formula which gave success" again and again...

Sunday, October 22, 2006

DON is back!!!!!

It's been lot of time since I was a student, I always used to think,"when iam working I would be doing creative stuff, this college life.... you are forced to read the subjects which you are not even interested.. "
Now I realise why I miss my college life, simply b'coz in your college,you are the DON of yourself,you can do anything you like , all you need is to pass the exam.. I hope everone thinking my way can easily do that.. But the freedom to do anything is not found anywhere.. So friends,who are still students.. college life is the best place to pursue your passions.. and you would get helluva encouragement to do that..why??? all the major products which are infront of us are a result of college projects.. how many do you think are born out of biggies....????
so, I feel I want to be a part of it again....
P.S: Don't give me crap like , "you can also learn while you earn ,etc.." b'coz when you are doing something ,make sure that you make no mistakes .. haha.. this is also learning from life....

Monday, October 02, 2006

hey friends ,how are you ????

"professor Nash, u missed the class again"..alicia nash
"I hope no one missed me" -Nash..
This was conversation in the movie " A Beautiful mind"..which I remembered when I missed the "Ravan Dahan" in my colony ..not an apt comparision but I felt like writing it here... I don't remember when I missed it last.It used to be a kind of get-to-gether of my friends in Nalanda vidyalaya H.S..
Sorry friends,I hope to C.U again sooooon.