Friday, September 15, 2006

One heck of an experience!!!

Oh really!!... when I was told that I was posted in noida I was terribly confused ... whether to go to noida or TRY to stay back..I was scared abt was followed by a horrible train journey to collect my certis and then a journey to delhi..there I met a legendary guy..
When I reached the guest house it was an OKAY kind of guest house..I was shocked to see that I was the only guy who can speak telugu in the entire batch!!!. I stayed in Ranchi for 4 years but never felt this b'coz 90% of the time I speak telugu with my friends.
This followed by a confusion or rather a serious question.That whether my domain is a good domain or a just a KUFLI domain,after a serious thought I made a comprimise to continue..
As the time passed by I had a great oppurtunities to meet people,it is really great to be with them.. guys from Chennai,Bangalore,Kashmir,Lucknow.... as time passed by i started to like the job which I got. I was supposed to be a server administrator..ofcourse this has two parts,one is like every one can do it.. one is really challenging and you have to be good in somany domains,and helps you to learn different Iam happy.
NOW IAM BACK TO HYDERABAD.It is great to be back......

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