Sunday, September 24, 2006

do you know about this

I had few questions which were bugging me from quite a lot time. I found ,I posted these questions hoping to get an answer.
Human brain is no doubt the most wonderful creation on earth.however, unfortunately we have very very less information about brain.I've somany questions regarding this,when I get answers to this,I'll definitely post them.Some,of them might make you think and trigger some more questions... let me know,if you have answers or if you some more similar questions.

what is pattern of information in brain??
when some one asks me a question,or when some incidents happen. i remember all the incidents which are similar to the current situation. when i read a book,i donot remember everything,but when i read for the next time,i know that i've read this already..

Does brain has a GRAPH kind of memory structure where all similar incidents are linked with a sequence number?

Does it have a "Detail" and "Summary" parts to every information object?. so that we immediately remember summary and to recollect the detail we need to concentrate a bit more..

Will brain ever forget any information?can i remember the incidents when i was one year old?

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