Tuesday, May 30, 2006

what do i like?

If i ask this question to a person who knows me very well,i guess he cannot answer it correctly.But these days I have been reading http://news.google.com regularly ,and usually i will login into google.com before i make searches.
Yesterday i was shocked to see a link news recommended for myemailid@gmail.com on the google news,dear me i was dumbstruck ,google already knows my taste and to my horror i'm interested in the news provided by it!!!
right now i'm enjoying it b'coz its like eating a deliciously cooked food.but can it prove harmful to me?
It is a question of trust ,as long as i trust google it is harmless,and as long as im good it is harmless....that makes google still my favourite brand



hehe google knows more about u than u urself prob'ly and since u got all google softwares possible, u need nt worry , i cant imagine world without google


Anonymous said...

thats the way google works, and they do specify all these things in their user agreement. I believe google is harmless, read 'The Google Story'.