Tuesday, May 30, 2006


I've been planning this from almost 1yr,finally i've launched my own site http://iknow.grinhost.net. I thought I'd face many problems when you launch a website..but when I started working every thing seemed to be easy!!
bottom line is -"all you need is an idea which works"
1.where do I get freespace on internet?
somany providers give free web space with different restrictions,I got it on http://grinhost.com,here all you need to do is forum posting.and if you think you are busy to participate in forum discussions go for paid webhosting(if you think your idea really works)
2.I got the free webspace how do I create webpages and upload onto my site?
usually webhosters provide you with a control panel which is very easy to use and lets you install forums,guest books using just few clicks....
3.I've installed forums,guestbooks and uploaded few webpages onto my space but i've got some problems about modifying and customizing?
you have somany forums-discussion boards which give reply within an hour(yes!! i'm not exaggerating i got a reply almost instantaneously)
4.I took all the pain how can i commercialize the idea?
yes,ofcourse you have google adsense program,all you have to do is register with the program and i provides you with a small script which you have to add to you web pages ,thatz it it generates ads relavent to the content,the more the craze for your page the more the money you get from the adsense
thatz it my website was on!!
one more thing,in order to upload the files you have a simple option using a software called filezilla,very very usefull and simple
ofcourse if you have to host a google.com or yahoo.com i guess just forget the above crap.thatz a different story ask larry page or sergey binn..

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