Wednesday, April 12, 2006

life has its own way of masti

"For the goat's tail, the goat is the tail. For the goat, its tail is the goat's tail, but for the tail the goat itself is the tail".
this Tenali Rama's poem is no joke and is perhaps one of his sweetest gifts to mankind to enjoy humour in almost any kind of situation. His prescription is: look at anything from the wrong or the opposite side of things. You can then see the comical aspect of things or situations you earlier thought were grave.
It is quite unlikely for us to have parties when end-sems are 2 weeks away.while coming back we landed up in a horrifying situation. i'll post the entire story some other time.but we had an amazing time at the parties.

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naga said...

yeah mama...i agree with that saying of yours...i heard that long before from u...anyway thanks for the wishes and that photo...