Tuesday, April 04, 2006

hacking lessons at technical institution!!!

Drishtant team as promised arranged a guest lecture by Ankit Fadia,a name well associated with Ethical hacking...well he'z just as much as my age but his lecture was simply superb.He put forward the hacking tricks.most of the stuff went above my head(exact translation of hindi phrase..).but i liked the presentation.Even after an eloborate hacking lecture i cudn't figure out how to get to see pics on my orkut(which have been blocked here for no particular reason!!)
finally to measure the magnitude of the success - all the seats were outsold for his hacking course,which he is conducting online


The Bhandari's said...

oh maan how many blogs do u have....:)

shabda said...

Fadia's lecture was cool. I mean he is younger than me man. And making in real mollah and the fame. Yeah it drives me mad with jealousy.